DBS & Mosiac Group Resources

Group Teaching and Discussion Resources

There are many great group study materials that are available. The following resources are specifically for your Mosaic as they help you grow in the rhythms of spiritual formation, community and mission.

Mosaic Leader Training Resources

The following resources are provided to help you think through various aspects of your Mosaic. Some of the info will be helpful, some will not. Nevertheless, we feel the following subjects are important to your group.  If you have better or additional resources you have found helpful, please share them!  Thank you!

New Leaders
Conducting a great first group meeting

New Leaders
Creating a group covenant

New Leaders: What new leaders
must do after the first few meetings

General Leadership
Staying spiritually vibrant

Connecting: Building Relationships
Asking Great Questions

Connecting: Building Relationships
Active Listening

Changing: Growing in Christ
Challenging Personalities

Cultivating: A Heart For Others
Evaluating your Missional Heart Beat

For Discussion

Why Small Groups Won’t Work – Todd Engstrom

Todd presents the challenges of why typical small groups fail to reach our culture. As Mosaic leaders we want to blend the two worlds he speaks of to be a transforming presence inside and outside the church.

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